The Tutoring Center, run through the Life Directions Center, provides free tutoring to students in a variety of subjects through Brainfuse.

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The Writing Center remains open for online appointments via Zoom. You can make an appointment at www.ccu.edu/writingcenter. Before making an appointment, please read the announcements on the login page carefully.

Student Success

If you are facing academic challenges, are accepted conditionally, or placed on Academic Probation, your LDC advisor will help you map out a plan to improve your performance using the many resources available.  There are many things that can affect your experience in class - not just things that are academic.  


Your Advisor is available to help you navigate many different scenarios that impact your classes - from relationships to health concerns to car problems, to name a few.  If you find that you can't go to class, please let your Advisor know!  He or she will give you suggestions in talking with your professors, catching up with your work, and considering a leave of absence if needed. 

As our world becomes increasingly global, the CCU community feels ever more called not only to spread the Good News to the ends of the earth, but to also experience its culture, traditions, and people. What better way to immerse yourself in another culture than by living there every day? Studying, eating, breathing, and living in other people's worlds – other people's realities – not only expands our worldview, but it opens our eyes to a broader spectrum of God's creation and our opportunity to exist within it.

Academic Advising

Your LDC advisor can help you create a personalized academic plan to reach your goals. Academic advising appointments cover a wide range of topics- everything from choosing a major to applying for internships and graduate school. Your LDC advisors practice relational and holistic advising, which includes acknowledging your spiritual gifting and getting to know you personally. Call the LDC front desk to set up an appointment- 3030-964-3010. 

Academic testing allows undergraduate students to earn credit for their prior or advanced knowledge in a subject area. This is a fast and economical way to accumulate credit for general education and elective credit hours.

If you are considering graduate school, or other post-graduate options such as teaching abroad, volunteering, or training programs, the LDC has the resources to jump start your life after graduation.

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