Personality Assessment

Our LDC advisors are certified to utilize the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI, a popular and reliable personality assessment used by individuals and Fortune 500 companies. Taking the MBTI will:

  • Give you a better understanding of what types of work and hobbies motivate you

  • Provide you with insight into your leadership style and relationship style

  • Give you tools and tips for working with team members

Talk to your LDC advisor to schedule an assessment. 


Part of the major and career exploration process is evaluating your unique personality, interests, and strengths. In the LDC we believe that each student is process the likeness of God and each student represents that likeness in the world. 

No assessment can tell you who you are or what you are going to do with your life. But they can be helpful signposts along the way to keep you headed in the right direction. 

Assessments can be taken as part of an individual appointment. Alternatively, assessments can be taken as part of one of our workshops.  

Interest Assessment

The Strong Interest Inventory connects your passions with potential career paths. It's a common assessment used in career counseling to further explore opportunities that match your unique interests. Consider taking the Strong Interest Inventory if:

  • You are unsure how your passions connect with a future career

  • Feel stuck and uncertain about your life calling

  • Are interested by several things and need help deciding which direction to go

Talk to your LDC advisor to schedule an assessment. 

Strength Assessment

Ever wonder what unique gifts you bring to the table? But you aren't sure what they might be. The StrengthsFinder has been used worldwide to help people discover their strengths. This assessment will:

  • Highlight your top 5 strengths and how to use them at school and at work

  • Give you action steps to develop your strengths further

  • Provide you with a "strengths-based" perspective to use with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Talk to your LDC advisor to schedule an assessment. 

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