CLEP Exams

DSST Exams

Talk with your LDC advisor before scheduling your exam. Some exams are not accepted. 

CLEP and DSST Testing

CLEP tests are recognized throughout academia as transferable credit, though each institution can approve specific tests for their programs. The recommended passing score is 50, which is a mean score not a percentage score. The test topics represent more educational disciplines such as history, math, science, etc. Learn more about CLEP tests on the CollegeBoard Web site.


Historically, DSST (formerly DANTES) exams were used by the Department of Defense as a way for military personnel to earn college credit. The exams are now available to all students and are also offered in a computerized format with multiple choice questions. The test topics tend to mirror life experience skills sets. Some examples of test topics include, “Here’s to your Health,” “Personal Finance,” “Law Enforcement,” and “Education Psychology.” You can learn more about DSST exams at the DSST Web site.

Talk to your LDC advisor about how to take a CLEP or DSST test and the passing score requirements.

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