GRE Information
Before Applying to Graduate School

  • Junior year:

    • Research graduate programs

    • Decide which graduate programs to apply for

    • Collect study materials for taking entrance exams

    • Build more relationships with faculty

  • Senior year:

    • Take entrance exams

    • Update resume

    • Write personal statement and have it reviewed by at least 3 people

    • Ask professors for letters of recommendation

    • Fill out applications with application fee

GRE and Entrance Exams

Many graduate schools require you to pass an entrance exam as part of your application process. While ther are many different exams, a few of the common ones include:

  • GRE: Graduate School

  • GMAT: Business School

  • MCAT: Medical School

  • LSAT: Law School

For more information on your particular entrance exam, contact the schools you are applying to or meet with your LDC advisor.

Graduate Programs Information
Application Process

Always check your program's website for an application checklist to make sure that you have all of your application materials. Also, make sure you know the deadlines. Some graduate programs will have deadlines as early as August the year prior to attendance.

The application process usually includes these items:

Application to program:

  • Check the program website to find the application.

  • You may be required to do an application for the college, and also another application for your specific graduate program.

Personal Statement:

  • A personal statement usually has some sort of broad prompt that asks you to answer a few questions.

  • Make sure you answer the questions, but also try to make your personal statement memorable. Have a theme or a story so that the committee will remember your personal statement after reading 50 of them. Remember to show the committee what you will bring to the program that the all the other candidates will not bring.


  • Have your resume checked over by at least 3 people and make sure you have the most current information.

  • Set up an appointment with Employment Management Services or your LDC advisor for resume writing tips.

Letters of Recommendation:

  • Make sure that you ask faculty and advisors that you have good relationships with for recommendations.

  • Give them at least a month to write the letter, and give them an address envelope with a stamp.  

  • Send thank you notes to those that wrote you recommendations and tell your professors or advisors if you get into the program- they will be excited for you!

Entrance Exam:

  • Check your programs to see if these are required.

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