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Director, South Table Mountain Preschool


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The leader we are looking for…

Is Incarnational: they embody the love of Jesus and the Kingdom of God in their relationships and interactions with people.

Is Missional: understands and focuses on equipping and empowering people for a mission beyond the walls of the church.

Provides Competent Leadership: reflects theological, theoretical, and practical knowledge and skill in leadership. Gifted in empowering and equipping adults to do mission/ministry.

Establishes Effective Relationships: establishes effective relationships with people of all ages, volunteers, and staff.

Mentors Faith Life: assists people in their faith life both one-on-one and in groups.

Develops Teams: shares the vision of FAITH and attracts gifted people into leadership.


Summary Description: The Director of South Table Mountain Preschool (STMP) exists to develop, implement and maintain a high quality Christian preschool in every aspect that is connected to Faith Lutheran’s mission and ministry.



 Meet the licensing qualifications and requirements for a director of a Colorado licensed Preschool (large daycare facility)

 Possess and display strong Christian principles

 Have a passion for working with young children

 Works well with parents/adults in various capacities and able to communicate with them well

 Able to lead teaching team with vision and enthusiasm

 Meet FAITH’s leadership role (see above) and continues to develop personally and spiritually



Oversight of preschool:

  • Create a Christian atmosphere where teachers, parents and children feel God’s love and acceptance

  • Define and implement educational goals of preschool

  • Develop and implement program and curriculum -> Regularly assess and adjust – additions/changes that provide continual quality programs

 Staff

  • Recruit and hire for all staff vacancies

  • Conduct an employee orientation for all new employees

  • Provide all paperwork for new employees and review teacher job description with all new employees

  • Maintain personnel files on all employees and ensure all required continuing education, training and work permits (Jefferson County Sheriff's Department) are current

  • Conduct staff meetings

  • Keep a current list of available substitute teachers

  • Provide yearly CPR classes and workshops

  • Discuss yearly goals with each teacher. Evaluate each year whether goals were met

  • Evaluate each teacher during classroom instruction at least two times per school year

  • Be available to individual teachers for counsel or advice when necessary

  • Review monthly curriculum plans with each individual teacher

  • Review student assessments with teachers if there are concerns

  • Supervise monthly shopping and keep within budget

 Parent Communication

  • Inform all prospective families of the philosophy of FAITH Lutheran Church

  • Provide parent orientation within first 6 weeks of beginning of school each year concerning school philosophy, policies and procedures

  • Be available on a daily basis to conference with concerned parents. Identify and counsel families as to specific needs

  • Refer parents to professional counseling or other services when necessary

  • Give tours of the facility to prospective parents

  • Provide a monthly newsletter to each family at the first of each month

  • Ensure student assessments are completed for each child and results communicated with parents

 Financial

  • Prepare a proposed budget by time requested of each year based on survey of current needs

  • Operate South Table Mountain Preschool within the budget as approved by the Council of Faith Lutheran Church

  • Identify children that are in need of financial scholarships. Provide and review the necessary paperwork to qualify families for scholarships

  • Meet with the church financial secretary as needed to review billing and other budget related items

  • Enroll new children from the waiting list as vacancies occur

  • Notify parents of an annual tuition increase 30 days in advance

  • Review teacher's salaries yearly and give appropriate raises

  • Design a salary schedule for all staff

  • Purchase all equipment and supplies and arrange for repairs and maintenance as necessary

 Public Relations/Communication

  • Set up a marketing plan and review/update it yearly

  • Recruit new students and staff

  • Communicate with FAITH community through social media/website/written communications of happenings with STMP

  • Keep abreast of current child care/school needs in the community

 Health and Safety

  • Provide a healthy, safe environment for all teachers and children

  • Require all children to have a current immunization record and current health report from child’s physician

  • Require all enrollment papers and policy statements to be signed and returned.

  • A list of authorized persons that may pick up each child needs to also be included with this paperwork

  • Maintain an isolated area for all children who become ill during school hours

  • Provide each classroom with a complete first aid kit to include a CPR shield

  • Ensure parents follow procedure for signing children in and out each day

  • Conduct regular fire drills

  • Encourage families to provide nutritious, well-balanced snacks and lunches

  • Dispense children's OTC and prescription medications with strict supervision according to the policies of the state of Colorado and in cooperation with the county assigned nurse

 State licensing

  • Keep informed of the school's legal responsibilities and liabilities as it pertains to Jefferson County Social Services, Jefferson County Health Department and State of Colorado Department of Human Services – Division of Child Care

 FAITH staff

  • Regularly attend staff meetings as worked out with Lead Pastor

  • Coordinate all events (other than classroom activities) with church master calendar

  • Act in an advisory capacity to the Council of FAITH Lutheran and implement their decisions

  • Continually seek ways to develop own leadership skills as in attending professional training workshops, etc.

Reports to: Lead Pastor – Jane Jebsen

Time: Approximately 1600 hours/year. Additional time for Parent Day Outs and Summer Camp

Salary: $35,000-$40,000 plus benefits

Contact Information:

Pastor Jane Jebsen

Faith Lutheran Church

17701 W 16th Avenue Golden, CO 80401

Contact Phone Number: 303-279-5379

Contact Email Address:

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