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Rockside Ranch 2019 PROGRAM LEAD-unpaid internship



To develop and disciple students, coordinate activities, and build community.



Program Leads report to the program director.



The Program Leads live with and oversee student activities and program. Their primary job is to assist students with their personal growth and progress. They do this by leading classes, facilitating discussions, planning and leading weekend recreational activities, and developing relationships with students in general. Good program leads are highly relational, adventurous, and responsible.


Program leads have four main areas of responsibility:

1. Program Facilitator

a. This responsibility varies from day-to-day. Some days you may lead farm chores, other days you may teach a class on writing a resume.

b. Includes farmers’ markets, manual labor, animal care, butchery, and facilitating conversations on books and DVD curriculum.

c. Help oversee meal prep and housekeeping duties for student living areas.

2. Small Group Leader

a. Hold a weekly small group meeting around the campfire.

b. Facilitate constructive conversation throughout the week.

c. Care for student needs as they arise.

3. Activity Coordinator

a. Coordinate weekend adventure, recreational, and community service outings.

b. Drive students to a variety of destinations all over the region.

c. Lead several overnight trips including camping and backpacking adventures.

4. Coach

a. Encourage students in their faith and their progress.

b. Model a lifestyle of responsibility and integrity.

c. Mediate conflict resolution.



Six days per week including all day Saturday and Sunday. One weekday off per week.



9 months. Contact Rockside Ranch for current openings and dates.



Program leads are un-paid intern positions. They receive room and board. Schedules can be arranged to accommodate a part-time job off-site. Missionary support raising is also an option.



- Child protection and abuse prevention

- Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University

- First Aid, CPR, and AED Certification

- Food Handler’s Certification

- Training in farming and animal care

- Inductive Bible study training

- All book and DVD curriculum that students receive

- All life skill, job readiness, home economics, health and nutrition classes that students attend




- Demonstrated personal faith in Jesus Christ

- High School diploma or equivalent

- Valid driver’s license

- Desire to live in a rustic farm setting and sacrifice normal personal amenities


- College degree preferred

- Experience in social work, counseling, or pastoral care preferred

- Experience farming or work in the trades preferred

- Experience in the backcountry preferred



In your role as the Program Lead, you will be challenged physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually beyond the limits you thought possible. The reward of seeing students overcome the odds and demonstrate true and lasting life change makes everything you sacrifice worth it. You will be present for the moments of extreme challenges and frustration. You will also be present for the mountain top experiences (sometimes literally) that occur when they do things that they never thought possible. By believing in them, you will help them believe in themselves. You will see God’s hand at work and grow in your own faith and walk with Jesus. The relationships you develop will continue long after graduation.



To inquire about the Program Lead position at Rockside Ranch, email or call 530-467-4044

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    Lead youth mission trips. Partner in community efforts. I am so excited to share with you that NEXT STEP MINISTRIES summer internship applications are OPEN! What is a PAID Next Step Internship? A Next Step internship gives you the opportunity to learn what it truly means to serve others as Jesus did. Your summer will be filled with unique opportunities to build relationships with students, youth pastors, and community partners. You will gain hands on experience as you work alongside 8-12 other college students to facilitate week-long mission trips for high school students from all across the country. Simply put,  a Next Step internship will change your life . While gaining these valuable leadership skills, your efforts will lead to creating a platform where students can experience Christ in radical ways and where communities can see sustainable change happen. Details: Positions available:  Team Leader, Hospitality Leader, Community Project Coordinator Internship Dates:  May 25th - August 11th, 2020 If you're interested, you can visit our website to learn more information about the three different tracks of internships we offer. Got all the information you need? Apply using this link ! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions- I'd love to chat with you! Mel
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    Report To: Outreach Director and the Executive Director Hours: 15-20 hrs. per week General: The Outreach Intern supports the mission The Initiative to create an abuse-free culture for all by assisting in outreach, training, resource development, event coordination, and research. This position will also support the organization in areas of record keeping, planning and development, and other administrative duties. Responsibilities Include: Outreach Program: The Initiative’s Outreach Program is a key element in educating, and collaborating with, outside organizations and networks to build reciprocal relationships, garner sustained support, enhancement all programs, and create space for education and real social change. Record Keeping and Reporting · Maintain and update partner and collaborative organizations’ contact files · Maintain Survey Questionnaires and responses for various Outreach presentations · Create mailing packets of The Initiative materials to relevant community partners and organizations Education and Awareness · Participate in networking and relationship-building with agencies · Develop and maintain different community resources · Brainstorm new potential community partners · Assist with Community presentations on disability, domestic violence, mandatory reporting Planning and Development · Participate in general planning and development with staff. · Develop critical evaluations of The Initiative’s educational presentations · Assist in coordinating logistics of trainings and other programming events, and lead in set-up/clean-up for programming (e.g., arrange room, prepare course materials, clean-up after events, coordinate with facilitators/volunteers, etc.) · Assist in developing strategies for recruitment and training of volunteers Administrative and Other Duties: · Answer phones · Attend bi-monthly supervision meeting with the Outreach Director · Participate in personal professional development work with the Executive Director · Perform other tasks as assigned for daily operation of the agency Position provides students with an opportunity to develop career readiness skills: Critical Thinking/Problem Solving Oral/Written Communication Teamwork/Collaboration Global/Intercultural Fluency Professionalism/Work Ethic Career Development Contact: Maria Manriquez
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    Report to: Program Director and the Executive Director Hours: 15-30 hrs. per week General: The victim-survivor advocate will provide direct services and intersectional, anti-oppression based advocacy to people with disabilities who are victim-survivors of domestic violence/sexual assault/stalking/caregiver abuse/elder abuse, or any form of abuse involving relationships of power and control. This position will be also support the organization in areas of record keeping, planning and development, and other administrative duties. Responsibilities include: Direct Services: · Initial intake, information gathering, and information providing on Confidentiality and Grievance policies, along with Victim Rights Act and Crime Victim Compensation Programs · Create collaborative, disability-centered safety plans in 3 separate phases, in order for clients to achieve to long term safety · Provide intersectional, anti-oppression based advocacy and problem solve with the client to meet clients safety and goals and objectives · Create customized Action Plan Folders for each client with specific information and referrals, and help the client navigate through the available community resources. · Provide clients with paper work assistance to get free government phone, food stamps, SSI, SSDI, AND and Medicaid. · Conduct Affordable Housing Counseling in order to assist client in obtaining safe, affordable, and accessible long-term housing · Provide emergency financial assistance complying with agency policies regarding each assistance · Learn and utilize trauma-informed approaches to recovery and healing Record Keep & Reporting · Maintain and up-date clients files and document all contacts · Participate in analysis of statistics · Maintain time and mileage sheets Education/Awareness · Participate in networking with agencies · Undertake developing and maintaining community resources. Planning and Development · Participate in planning and development with staff. · Participate in evaluation of services component of the organization · Participate in coordination of services for clients. Administrative and other duties: · Answering phones, logging mail, assist with writing/tracking office business. · Update resources files, compile information packets for mailings · Assist in developing strategies for recruitment and training of volunteers · Assist with Community presentations on disability and domestic violence. · Attend case reviews, staff meeting and other office meetings · Attend bi-monthly supervision meeting with Director · Perform other tasks as assigned for daily operation of the agency. Contact: Maria Manriquez

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