Discerning your life calling is a process that often begins with an evaluation of your interests, values, skills, and inherent strengths.

The Life Directions Center's trained staff offers informal and formal assessments designed to jump start the process of self-evaluation. 

We offer several industry standard assessments to help you with life calling and major exploration. 

  • If you want to evaluate how your personality "works" on teams, in school, and in the workplace, then we recommend the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.


  • If you want to clarify your passions and connect your interests to future career options, then we recommend the Strong's Interest Inventory.


  • If you are curious about what unique strengths you bring to your relationships and work, then we recommend the Strength's Quest


Talk to your LDC advisor about scheduling an assessment by our certified staff.

There is no "one size fits all" life calling. This process can feel frustrating when it seems like everyone else has their life plan figured out.


But everybody's path looks a little different, which is why your LDC advisor wants to know you personally. We encourage you to explore potential majors and careers by talking with adults who are doing things that pique your interest, discovering what you can do with various majors, and by being curious about workplaces that connect with your passions.

  • If you want to explore how your major might connect with jobs after you graduate, we suggest browsing this College Board resource

  • If you want someone to process with and to be a good listener for you, connect with your LDC advisor for Life Calling and Spiritual Mentoring.

  • If you are curious about what a particular job is like, or if you are wondering how to land your "dream job," set up an Informal Interview with someone you know that is working at something you like. 

Now is the time to put it all together. One of the last steps of the process is deciding on your major, and integrating professional skills to land your first job.

  • If you want to practice your Interview Skills and enhance your Resume, set up an appointment with Employment Management Services.

  • If you want to personalize your academic and career goals, meet with your LDC advisor to make a plan unique to your calling.


  • If you want to practice your skills in a new environment, then talk to your LDC advisor or faculty about Internships or Ministry opportunities. Use CCU's Ministry Portal to find opportunities. 

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