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The Life Directions Center at Colorado Christian University is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to all qualified students with a disability. Any student who desires to receive accommodations must request accommodations through the Accommodations and Accessibility  Coordinator at CCU.


For specific information on this process please visit the Requesting Accommodations page of CCU’s website.​

International Students


We desire to welcome international students to the CCU community, assist students in the process of integration into a new culture, and offer direction as students navigate the various elements of their experience at CCU. Ethnos is a student club that fosters international community at CCU and is a great place of connection for those who have lived overseas.

The LDC assists international students by connecting them with the resources and services they need. Some of these services include offering guidance to students in navigating cultural and logistical challenges, requesting work permissions, and finding academic and spiritual support. If you’re an international student with questions, the LDC is the place to go!

People We Serve
Equal Access


The Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (1973) mandate equal opportunities for students to participate in or benefit from the services offered by a place of public access. This mandate is inclusive of private universities as well. A qualified individual under the ADA must have a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities. Major life activities involve caring for oneself, performing manual tasks, walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, learning, and working. Moreover, a qualified disabled student must meet the academic and technical standards required for admission or participation in an educational program or activity.

Colorado Christian University is committed to inclusion and providing equal access to individuals with disabilities. Individuals will not be discriminated against on the basis of disability or be denied equal access to or reasonable accommodations for the educational opportunities available at CCU.

Undeclared Students


If you're unsure of your next step, Colorado Christian University offers you mentors, classes, and the space to figure out what makes you really come alive. Our Freshman Year Integration program involves exploring your spiritual gifts, your individual strengths, and where God might be calling you, helping you develop your own personal mission statement. Other resources we provide undeclared students:

  • MBTI/Strong Interest Inventory Assessments (the LDC offers these free of charge for current CCU students) – These assessments help you learn more about your personality, interests, and work preferences. These can provide insight into what type of fields you might be interested, or what kind of job you would thrive in.

  • One on one advising with the LDC advisor for undeclared students

  • Strengths Quest and Spiritual Gifts assessments offered in our First Year Integration Class

ROTC and Veteran Students


At the Life Directions Center we are proud to serve Veterans and ROTC students. We offer Air Force and Army ROTC programs through a partnership with UC-Boulder and Colorado School of Mines. If you think ROTC is the right fit for you, your LDC advisor is here to support you along the way and connect you with the resources to succeed.

As a Veteran you likely have many commitments on your time and energy (family, work, school, etc.), so we provide support and encouragement while you make the most out of your unique experiences as a Veteran student. CCU offers several resources for Veterans, including:

  • Assistance with GI Bill benefits

  • Medical assistance

  • Access to free counseling

  • Opportunities to connect with other Veterans

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