Ministry Hours Top 5:


  1. All students must complete 45 hours per year: 180 hours for traditional 4 year students.

  2. Hours must be turned in within one year of completion.

  3. Hours must be entered online and they will be emailed to your supervisor for completion.

  4. Up to 25% of hours may be completed on campus, 75% or more must be done off campus.

  5. It is your responsibility to complete your hours, turn them in on time, and to review that your submitted hours on Webadvisor to ensure accurate processing.

Service Learning and Ministry Hours


The purpose of the Ministry Hour requirement is to encourage students to be a light for Christ in the community while exploring different areas of service and vocational calling. Ministry hours are intended to encourage students to explore service opportunities outside the walls of the CCU campus.

Students are required to complete 180 hours of ministry and 180 hours of chapel in order to graduate.

How to Submit Ministry Hours

  1. Login to webadvisor

  2. Select Ministry Hours

  3. Select Helper Helper and log in

  4. Once logged into Helper Helper Select “Add Past Commitment”

  5. Submit Commitment

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