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September 25, 2017

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A Note From Leah Smith

August 23, 2017


Hello CCU Students!


On behalf of everyone in the Life Directions Center, we are so excited to experience the 2017-2018 school you with you! Whether you’re new or returning, welcome to the University and welcome to our office!


As we start off the year, I wanted to give you a glimpse of my heart for you and your experience with the LDC. This isn’t exhaustive, just a few hopes for your experience.


First, you were not created for yourself. You weren’t designed to live a life that is purely self-focused. None of us were. You didn’t show up on the planet by accident. You weren’t an afterthought and God isn’t shaking His head wondering what to do with you. You were crafted individually and uniquely with a purpose that really matters. If you weren’t here, the world would feel the lack of your presence.


In the LDC, our most important responsibility is to help you begin identifying that purpose. Or, if you believe you know what it is, celebrate it with you. Then, we walk with you through graduation with the hope of helping you get a step or two closer to fulfilling that purpose. This can be really practical – like assisting you with course registration – or more relational as we ask questions and listen to your story. We take this role seriously, knowing that God calls and equips you for very important roles in His Kingdom-Come.


Secondly, I hope that you will take ownership of your experience here. We are available to support you, encourage you, guide you, sometimes challenge you, and cheer you on; but ultimately, we want you to know that you can impact your own experience here. We’ll show you the tools for making that happen and give you guidance whenever needed, but this is your experience, your degree, and your life. My hope is that you continue developing an “internal locus of control.” Meaning, you are not a victim of your circumstances. Ultimately, we serve a loving, sovereign God and our ability to control life is very limited, but we do have ownership of our choices and, many times, our experiences.


Thirdly, we want you to know who you are. Oh, identity! Listen, we’re all still learning things about ourselves, but college is such a great season of life to dig into these big identity questions. We can help you do that by giving you ideas of classes to take that may be outside of your normal interests, walking through personality and interest assessments with you, and asking good questions that hopefully make you think about your identity in new ways.  But ultimately, what I want you to know more and more is that your identity is defined by something very stable. Something that doesn’t change based on how you feel or what you do or what questions you’re wrestling with. It’s defined by your status as a son or daughter of God. The Bible says that we are “in Christ” meaning everything that is true of Jesus is true of us as believers in Him. This is a really big deal, but I’m not writing a theological treatise, so I’m just going to leave you with that as the ultimate answer to the identity question. Something to chew on.


Finally, we hope you have a lot of fun, make great memories, form lifetime friendships, go on dates, learn a lot in your classes, build relationships with your professors, worship Jesus in chapel and with a few friends in your apartment, try new things, and graduate from CCU confident that this was exactly where God wanted you to be.


We are so grateful for you!

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