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September 25, 2017

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A Letter to My College Roommates

September 7, 2017

Dear College Roommates,


It is a mash-up of memories with all of you, and I am thankful for all of it. The good and the hard, all taught me how to better live with and love people – so thank you.


First there was freshman fall in the forced triple – three people in a room meant for two. I’m just thankful I didn’t get stuck on the top bunk.


To my, uh, interesting roommate, who would have thought that I’d be the “bad influence” in college – watching The Notebook, getting my ear pierced, and dyeing strands of hair pink. I’m sorry your Mom was concerned when you called her to ask her permission to dye your hair. Speaking of your hair, it is everywhere and I cannot deal. Also, Macaroni and Cheese is no longer appealing when you leave it in the bowl on your desk for all of Thanksgiving break. You turned out to be much smarter than me and ended up marrying a guy from our college, proving my theory that it is easier for the “interesting” people to find their soul mates than normal people. 


To my other triple roomie, thanks for being my kind of weird. For making music videos with me and helping me eat that whole entire chocolate penguin and for dissecting the lamb heart all by yourself in Biology lab while I rocked back and forth in the corner humming “Mary had a little lamb.”


I’m sorry I didn’t slow down and realize something was wrong that Sunday night I came back from camping. I had finally made some friends and was anxious to hang out with them, but I saw that you weren’t okay. Turns out you had just found out your parents were separating, and I missed an opportunity to care for you.


Thanks for putting my name in that bowl of names on Valentine’s Day at that awkward mixer. And for laughing your face off when I got picked to participate in the “dating game” that, if nothing else, at least got me a ten dollar iTunes gift card. Thanks for being my friend through my homesickness, for letting me lay in bed listening to “London” by Brandon Heath on repeat (“To tell you the truth/it’s all that I can do/to keep from jumping on a plane that’s headed home to you”).


We had a dance party when we found out our triple was becoming a double for the spring semester, and then we ended the year sobbing in the airport (Boston Logan Airport just became my place for tears) after you decided to transfer to be near your (THEN) boyfriend. It was everything I never imagined for my freshman year.



Sophomore year roommate,

Woof. That was rough. We were besties our freshman year, and nobody told us the “it’s better to be roommates who become friends than friends who try to be roommates” rule. You chewed really loudly and used an outrageous amount of hairspray and it turns out sophomore year is just super hard! Who saw that coming? Who knew that I just wouldn’t even really know what to do with myself? The sophomore slump is REAL, man.


I’m not sure if you were trying to teach me to not be passive aggressive or if you were actually just clueless, but WOW I do not want to listen to Colbie Caillat’s new song ANYMORE TIMES please use your headphones or I’m going to LOSE IT.


Thank you for journeying with me through my one real date of college with that uber-hipster guy who was just totally wrong for me in every way. It was fun that you witnessed that classic college moment of “Hey, aren’t you in my psych class?” and then you dealt with my drama when one date didn’t turn into anything. Turns out I’m just as crazy as the rest of them.


Dear senior year apartment-mates,

We did pretty well for being seven girls in an apartment the size of the one I live in now, by myself. Besides the kitchen table being used as storage, and the handicap bathroom on the third floor that flooded multiple times, we did alright. (Seven girls + one shower = too much hair for any drain.)


Remember how we ended up being Intramural dodge ball champions? And how we wrapped all our doors with wrapping paper to decorate for Christmas which meant we could never let our RA into our apartment? Or when I was graduating early and so we celebrated every holiday we wouldn’t get to spend together the next semester? Or how that one girl gave us a ton of brownie coupons so we had brookies (brownie-cookies) in our apartment for probably two months straight? Wow, I love those memories.



Dear junior-senior year roomie and true BFF,

I prayed desperately for a new living situation as I was losing my mind at the end of my sophomore year, and He is faithful to answer! In you I found the wings to my roots and the spontaneity to my planning. Thanks for stinking up our room with your soccer clothes (ok, my tennis clothes were smelly too), and for instigating my best college memories.


Remember when I had that major meltdown because I had no idea what to do with my life? Turns out you were the calm one and ended up speaking the next steps of my life into existence. Amazing how God uses our friends to direct our paths. I learned a lot in the classroom in college but probably learned more from our friendship and our mistakes and successes.


Thank you, to all of you, for everything you taught me. For the late nights, the dancing, the tears, the memories. I’m a better person, friend, roommate, and RD because of all of you.




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