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September 25, 2017

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Tea:30- The Pick me up to get me through the day

December 18, 2017

It’s 2:25 pm on a Thursday afternoon and I have been staring at my computer screen for about two hours strait. I am mentally and physically exhausted! The good news is I am 5 minutes away from the pick me up that will get me through the rest of the work day. In the Life Directions Center 2:30 pm is effectively known as Tea:30. Tea:30 is many things, it’s a break from being in the office, it’s fellowship, it’s comedy, it’s therapy, it’s plain old sitting and relaxing. Tea:30 is basically the indicator that, “I can make it through the day.”


Tea:30 started over a year ago when I frequently found myself needing the extra shot of energy to pull me through the 5:00 pm work day finish line. I couldn’t handle coffee (it was too much on my stomach and while the temporary energy rush was amazing, the crash was even more epic) so coffee was out for me. Tea, specifically black tea, specifically Earl Gray tea became my tea:30 beverage of choice. Now, my afternoon ritual wasn’t always called Tea:30, but the title came naturally since I found myself around the Keurig every day at 2:30 pm so Tea:30 fit well for the mid-afternoon event.


For those who know me best know that I enjoy company and sharing experiences. So who better to share Tea:30 with than co-workers, students and basically anyone around the LDC lobby. While coffee isn’t my cup of tea, it is definitely acceptable as a proper Tea:30 beverage. So the ritual is really making your tea or beverage and enjoying time with others for 10 to 15 minutes before getting back on the wagon to finish the day out. It really is a simple effective way to take a break in order to recharge and move on.


While I understand that tea or coffee might not be the exact formula for everyone to get through the afternoon, I do encourage others to adopt a Tea:30 idea and make it whatever will give you the moment to push the pause button in order to gather yourself and get through the end of the work day, school day, or whatever day it is for you.


Your Tea:30 could instead be a walk or a run or it can be a phone call to a friend or loved one. It can be a 30 minute episode of “the Office” or listening to music. You can either share it with others or choose an activity to be by yourself. Just know that if you find yourself around the Life Directions Center around 2:30 pm, stop by and experience Tea:30 with me!


The Life Directions Center will be in Leprino from 2:30-3:30 with treats and tea tomorrow (December 19th). See you there!

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